Like paper, upgraded.

Write naturally, record your ideas, and keep organized with Penbook. Use almost a thousand customizable, dynamic stationeries to reach new heights of productivity.

Choose from almost 1,000 types of included stationery.

Basic paper
96 types
18 types
32 types
Daily planners
144 types
Weekly planners
240 types
Monthly planners
24 types
Drawing paper
40 types
Todo paper
72 types
16 types
14 types
20 types
12 types
6 types
15 types

Write on Live Paper

Your iPad knows what day it is. Why shouldn't your notebook?

Penbook's stationery is smarter than regular paper. Live Paper gives you day planners with a marker for 'now', workweek diaries with real dates, and customizable, accurate calendars.

Organize your mind into penbooks.

Use an unlimited variety of stationeries in each penbook. You can make your perfect notebook, without visiting the print shop.

Keep track of your penbooks with beautiful colors and artwork.

Instantly export entire penbooks to PDF, or individual pages to PNG.

Powered by PencilKit

Get the best natural writing experience with your Apple Pencil (or even your finger!), thanks to Apple's PencilKit technology.

Free your ink: you can copy and paste to and from any other PencilKit app.