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Developer paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.2.1 on Oct. 30, 2019

Developer stationery is made for devs who need to sketch out an app, website, or icon idea.

The stationery is configurable with different devices (two types of iPhones, two types of iPads, an Apple Watch, and an icon guide).

The dots inside the canvas of the selected device can be disabled, or changed in density.

The developer stationery's layout is configurable in a few different ways: you can add a blank, dotted, or ruled note-taking space, or show 2, 4, or 9 of the device stencils at once. Device stencils can also be rendered in landscape or portrait orientations.

Options for this stationery

Draw on an iPhone (two types), an iPad (two types), an Apple Watch, or an app icon guide
Guide density
Change the density of the dot guide inside the device stencil
Device orientation
For iPhones and iPads, show the device in landscape or portait
Show the stencil full screen, with a notes area, or repeated multiple times
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