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Dot paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.31 on Jan. 15, 2020

A bunch of dots on paper doesn't make for the fanciest stationery, but that doesn't stop Penbook's Dots paper from being one of the app's most important templates.

Dot paper has long been preferred by notebook aficionados for its flexibility: since it serves well for both writing and sketching, it's the perfect stationery for writing notes that have pictorial elements.

It's flexible - you can change the color, size, and position of the dots, as well as show or hide the date. Perfect for quick sketches or pages where you jot a mix of text and drawings.

Options for this stationery

Changes the position of, or hides, a red vertical rule
Alters the spacing between dots
Dot pattern
Switches between a square or triangle (isometric) layout for the dots
Dot size
Changes the size of the dots
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