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Perspective paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.2 on Oct. 23, 2019

The perspective stationery set helps illustrators add accurate and consistent depth to their drawings.

Depending on what's being drawn, this perspective stationery can be configured to have one, two, or three vanishing points.

When configured with two vanishing points, you can set the viewing angle to be above, below, or parallel. With three vanishing points, you can choose to be looking 'up' or 'down'.

Density options let you choose the spacing between the guides, as well as blend in or highlight major gridlines.

Options for this stationery

Number of vanishing points
Draw on one, two, or three vanishing points (up, down, or flat)
Select the number of minor gridlines
Emphasize major coordinates
Draw major gridlines with a heavier weight than minor gridlines
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