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Scientific paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.0.1 on Sept. 25, 2019

The scientific stationery comprises polar, semi-log X, semi-log-Y, and log-XY/log-log graph paper.

You can use the polar stationery to mark out radial data with a few different density options. By default, the major gridlines are highlighted, but they can also be blended in for more flexibility.

Use the set of logarithmic paper (log-X, log-Y, and log-XY/log-log) to represent data with an exponential growth (or decay) on one or two axes.

The stationery's density options let you control how much space there is between coordinates.

Options for this stationery

Type of scientific paper
Choose between polar, semi-log (x), semi-log (y), and log-log paper
Select the density of the paper's gridlines
Emphasize major coordinates
Highlight major gridlines with a stronger line than minor gridlines
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