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Tablature paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.2.2 on Nov. 15, 2019

This tablature stationery is great for jotting down riffs, lyrics, or chord charts. You can customize the layout's density, as well as whether you want your tab staff to appear with a linked vocal staff, chord charts, or both.

The density options make this stationery really useful for quick notes - crank the density to 'low' and your sloppy mid-jam-session handwriting won't be hampered by too-tight lines.

The optional chord chart section of this paper gives you space for annotating fingerings of tricky or new chords.

Options for this stationery

Chord charts
Show chord charts at the top of the page
Vocal staff
Attach a vocal staff to each tab staff
Choose how many charts and staves appear on each page
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