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To Do paper for iPad

Updated in Penbook v1.0.1 on Sept. 25, 2019

A little bit of structure can go a long way. If you're trying to focus on a set number of tasks for the day, stationery that gives you lots of writing space and satisfyingly-chunky checkboxes can help you stay motivated.

You can change the size of each to-do entry, and enable a two-column layout for even more tasks. Goals are especially meaningful when they're tied to a specific day, so this stationery has a prominent area for the date you made the list.

This 'to-do' format is found in many of Penbook's other stationeries, but this paper is perfect for note-takers who want a full, focused page of goals - or a grocery list.

Options for this stationery

List entry size
Choose the density of the list of tasks
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