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Please check the frequently-asked question list below. If your question isn't covered, email our support for a prompt reply.

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How does the eraser work? 🔗

Penbook's eraser is pretty powerful! You can switch between the pixel eraser and the object eraser by taking these steps:

  • Tap the Eraser tool
  • Tap it again
  • From the context menu that appears, choose the type of eraser you want, as shown below:

If you're lucky enough to have an Apple Pencil 2, you can also change back and forth between the eraser and your most recent drawing tool by double-tapping on the barrel of the Pencil, near the tip.

What drawing tools are available in Penbook? 🔗

Penbook lets you draw with a pen , a marker , and a pencil . These drawing tools are available in the drawing tool picker.

You can double-tap on any tool to adjust the thickness and opacity of its stroke.

When you choose a color from either the five default colors or the color picker, it applies to the currently selected drawing tool only.

How do I navigate my penbook? 🔗

If you have finger inking disabled, you can turn the page forward and backwards on your penbook by swiping the from the right or left edge of the canvas.

You can also go to the previous or next page by tapping the Previous or Next buttons in Penbook's toolbar.

How does Penbook's user interface work? 🔗

Have a look at this handy annotated screenshot! (Click it to enlarge.)

How can I hide the toolbars? 🔗

You can hide the drawing tool picker by tapping the ellipsis, then toggling the 'Auto-minimize' switch, shown here:

The Penbook menu can be set to auto-minimize as well. From the home screen, tap the Gear , and check the box next to 'Auto minimize page toolbar'.

How do I export, edit, or delete a penbook? 🔗

From the homepage, long-press on a penbook. A context menu with options for editing, deleting, or exporting the penbook as a PDF will appear. (Note that can you can also export a single page.)

How do I recolor ink? 🔗

To recolor ink you've already placed, take these steps:

  1. Select the Lasso tool
  2. Draw a selection lasso around some ink
  3. Tap a new color

The ink you selected will now change to the new color.

How to I cancel my subscription to Penbook? 🔗

To cancel your subscription, take the following steps at least 24 hours before your subscription is scheduled to renew:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap your Apple ID (your name at the top of the menu)
  • Tap Subscriptions
  • Tap Penbook
  • Tap Cancel Subscription

You will be able to continue to use your subscription's features until the current period runs out.

How do I enable or disable finger inking? 🔗

If you give Bluetooth permission to Penbook, it will automatically detect your Apple Pencil and (disable finger inking). You can take manual control of this setting with these steps:

  1. Navigate to Penbook's home screen
  2. Tap the Settings tab
  3. Uncheck the option labeled 'Auto-detect Apple Pencil'
  4. Check or uncheck the option labeled 'Use finger for drawing', as desired.

How do I copy and paste ink? 🔗

You can copy and paste ink within Penbook, and also into any other app that uses PencilKit (like the built-in Notes app).

To cut, copy, or duplicate ink in Penbook, take these steps:

  1. Tap the Lasso tool
  2. Select some ink by drawing a selection lasso around it
  3. Tap the ink you selected
  4. From the context menu that appears, choose 'Cut', 'Copy', or 'Duplicate'

To paste ink in Penbook:

  1. Tap the Lasso tool
  2. Tap the screen where you want to paste your ink. (You may have to tap twice if you've already selected something.)
  3. From the context menu that appears, choose 'Paste'.

How do I navigate my penbook? 🔗

If you have finger inking disabled, you can turn the page forward and backwards on your penbook by swiping the from the right or left edge of your device.

You can also go to the previous or next page by tapping the Previous or Next buttons in Penbook's toolbar.

How do I delete pages from a penbook? 🔗

  1. If the page toolbar is collapsed, expand it to reveal the thumbnail view's tab.
  2. Tap the thumbnail view's tab (in the middle of the left side of the device)
  3. Tap the Trash Can
  4. Select the pages you wish to delete by tapping them
  5. Tap the 'Delete pages' button, or 'Cancel' to exit delete mode

How do I add pages to my penbook? 🔗

To add pages to your penbook, tap the Add Page button in Penbook's toolbar.

You can also add a page from the last page of your penbook. Just try to turn the page again - a new page will be automatically added for you.

How do I share a single page of my penbook? 🔗

Open your penbook and navigate to the page you wish to share.

Then, tap the Share icon in the Penbook toolbar.

A share sheet will appear, allowing you to share your penbook's page as a PNG (image) file.

(Note that you can also export an entire penbook.)

How do I set my penbook's stationery? 🔗

You can put as many different types of stationery in your penbook as you want. Edit the current page's stationery by tapping Page Options . Stationeries are organized into categories in the leftmost column; options for each category are in the right column.

You can see further page options for orientation, page size, and the page's current date (for stationeries that are date-sensitive, like monthly planners) under the Options tab.

When you add a new page, it takes the stationery options from the preceding page in your penbook.

How do I use the ruler? 🔗

Press the Ruler on the drawing toolkit. You can move it by dragging it with one finger, and rotate it by placing two fingers on it and twisting.

To remove the ruler, just press the Ruler again on the drawing toolkit.

How do I undo and redo? 🔗

You can undo (and redo) strokes, selection operations like copy and paste, deletions, and recoloring by using the Undo and Redo buttons in the ink tool picker.

Your iPad also supports universal undo/redo gestures. You can:

  1. Tap with three fingers to summon a menu that includes Undo and Redo,
  2. Drag to the right with three fingers to undo, and
  3. Drag to the left with three fingers to redo.

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