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Please check the frequently-asked questions below. If your question isn't covered, email our support for a prompt reply.

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How do I re-parent a node? 🔗

To re-parent a node, drag it onto another node with your mouse or touch screen. The node you dragged, and all of its descendants, will be moved.

How do I uninstall Mind Maps Pro? 🔗

To uninstall Mind Maps Pro, find it in your Start menu. Then, right-click on it and choose Uninstall.

You can always reinstall Mind Maps Pro from the Microsoft Store (for free).

How do I select multiple nodes? 🔗

You can select multiple nodes by holding Shift while you select. Note that you can only select multiple nodes when those nodes all have the same parent.

How do I zoom? 🔗

There are a surprising number of options!

  • Hold the Ctrl key and scroll your mouse wheel, or
  • Pinch with your trackpad, or
  • Pinch on your touchscreen, OR...
  • Use the magnifying glass icon in the top-right of the app to manually set your zoom

How can I enable my pen, mouse, or finger for ink? 🔗

If you have an active pen and compatible touch screen, you don't need to do anything to enable inking in Mind Maps Pro.

Otherwise, press the Finger button inside a mind map. This will enable drawing mode for other pens, your mouse, or your finger.

How do I synchronize my work to OneDrive? 🔗

From the home screen of Mind Maps Pro, press the Cloud icon in the top-right. Authenticate with the Microsoft account tied to your OneDrive service. This will allow you to upload and download your mind maps.

Once you are authenticated, you can upload mind maps from the home screen of the app by pressing the Gear icon, then Upload.

You can download mind maps from the home screen of the app by pressing the Cloud icon, selecting the mind maps you wish to download, and pressing Download.

My work disappeared, help! 🔗

You might be scrolled or zoomed far away from your work. Try this:

  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon
  • Choose Fit All

If that doesn't help, please contact support.

Where are my mind maps stored? 🔗

Your mind maps are stored in Mind Maps Pro's AppData directory:

C:\users\[[YOUR USERNAME]]\AppData\Local\Packages\ 

If you want to get your hands on your files directly, you can copy them out of here, or store them in OneDrive using the app's built-in OneDrive sync functionality.

How can I export my mind maps? 🔗

Aside from printing, Mind Maps Pro has four options for exporting your work. To access these options, open a mind map and click the Share icon in the top-right of the app.

  1. PNG Image: Exports a PNG of your mind map to a location you choose. Use the little button in this option to enable transparent export.
  2. PDF Document: Exports a PDF of your mind map to a location you choose. Use the little button in this option to export a portrait-oriented PDF (defaults to landscape).
  3. Text Outline to Clipboard: Places the text content of your mind map into your clip board, so you can paste it into an email, Word document, etc.
  4. Share: Opens a share sheet, where you can select any app that can receive a PNG file.

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