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Please check the frequently-asked questions below. If your question isn't covered, email our support for a prompt reply.

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What do I get for subscribing to PDF Ink? 🔗

Subscribers to PDF Ink get the following features:

  • Convert Word files (.doc and .docx) to PDF so you can mark them up with PDF Ink
  • Add expanded margins to your PDFs for easy annotation
  • Save multiple signatures
  • No ads

How do I cancel my subscription to PDF Ink? 🔗

PDF Ink subscriptions are billed through the Microsoft Store. To cancel your subscription, follow these instructions from Microsoft. Or, follow the cancellation link in the email you received when Microsoft processed your PDF Ink charge.

How do I draw or annotate on a PDF? 🔗

If you have an active pen, just start writing - you don't need to do anything else.

If you want to use your finger on your touchscreen, if you have a passive pen, or if you want to draw with your mouse or trackpad, enable inking mode by pressing the Pen button in the toolbar.

PDF Ink offers a pen and highlighter, as well as an eraser and a selection lasso. You can use the selection lasso to select, delete, or cut/copy and paste ink.

How do expanded margins work? 🔗

PDF Ink allows you to expand a document's horizontal margins, and annotate in that space. Then, you can choose whether to show or hide the expanded margins when exporting or printing.

You can enable and disable the expanded margins by pressing the margins button.

You need to be a subscriber to export and save with expanded margins.

How do I convert and annotate Word documents? 🔗

PDF Ink can open your Word (.doc and .docx) documents. Use the Open button to select a Word file, or drag your file into PDF Ink's home screen.

Subscribers to PDF Ink can annotate, sign, and export converted Word documents as PDFs.

What is "PDF Manager", and why are there ads for it in PDF Ink? 🔗

PDF Manager is a powerful app we built for merging, trimming, and splitting PDFs. We show ads in the free version of PDF Ink for PDF Manager to help support PDF Ink's development. Subscribers don't see these ads.

How do I add text to a PDF? 🔗

  1. Press the T button to enable text annotation mode
  2. Choose your font face, size, color, and style
  3. Click anywhere on your PDF to insert a text field, and start typing.

I closed the app without saving! Can I recover my work? 🔗

Try relaunching the app.

To relaunch the app, find PDF Ink in your Start menu and click its icon. PDF Ink will then load your last-opened file with your annotations intact.

(If you open another file before you do this, PDF Ink won't be able to recover your annotations.)

How do I work with saved signatures? 🔗

Users of the free version are limited to saving a single signature; subscribers can save as many as they like.

  1. Press the Sign button in the top toolbar
  2. Press + Create Signature
  3. Use your touchscreen, mouse, or pen to draw your signature, then press Save

Your signature will be saved. To use it, click on it in the Sign button's flyout, and it will be dropped into your document. You can drag and resize it as you wish.

To remove a saved signature, press Edit Signatures, check the box beside the signature you wish to delete, then press Remove Signature.

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